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Research Group
Greenbaum Lab

Mentor Name
Adele Moatti, Shohanuzzaman Shohan

Number of Positions Available

The student is expected to be in the lab every day during the summer except for the weekend and holidays. During the spring semester, the student is supposed to devote about 10 hours per week to research and training. The student can meet the graduate student, postdoc, or PI whenever needed. S/he is supposed to join the weekly work-management meetings with the postdoc. Every other week s/he will be joining the group meeting with PI (Dr. Greenbaum). The ways of communication, including but not limited to email and slack channel. At the end of the summer, the student will have hands-on experience on: • Wet-bench and dissection experiences • Culturing in-vitro and ex-vivo cells • Bioprinting and preparation of materials for bioprinting • 3D Design of fixture and printing • Confocal imaging and potentially SEM imaging depending on the schedule • Statistical analysis The learning objectives for the student are: • Doing an effective literature search • Conducting research responsibly • Presenting their work • Gaining teamwork skills • Work and time management • Learning cross-domain collaboration • Developing critical thinking

Required Prerequisites

Preferred Prerequisites

Preferred Academic Year
Freshman; Sophomore

Anticipated Start Date
Spring Semester 2021

Duration of Position
Spring-Summer 2021

Approximate Hours per Week
10 for Spring Semester; As determined by mentor in Summer

Salary or Stipend
Summer 2021 stipend $4,400